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Clicker Training | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Show you how to use clicker training to help teach your dog various actions cues and to help change their behavior in different environments and situations.

In Teacher’s Pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you how to employ her Positively Method to train your dog the right way, growing your level of communication to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

There are lots of ways to train dogs. People have been training dogs for hundreds of years, and today it is looked down upon to have a poorly trained dog. If you’re looking for an effective way to train your dog, you may have seen advertisements for or have friends that have used a dog training clicker. There are several benefits and disadvantages attached to using a dog clicker.

Clickers are used in tandem with treats, since verbal praise should not be used together with one. Using a dog training clicker allows you to give the dog very precise praise, and will allow you to teach dogs more complex tricks than without one. However, the clicker does carry several disadvantages that verbal training does not have. For example, since praise must be reinforced with treats, a long period of training (thus a high amount of treats) could be poor for the dog’s health. Some dogs may also be scared by clickers, and thus build a negative association with them when they are used. A dog might also only listen to someone when they’ve got a clicker on hand, or worse, only when they’ve got treats.

A dog training clicker can make your job easier, especially if you’re training a dog that has somewhat erratic behavior and you want to get a precise reinforcement going. However, before using one you should make sure you know the proper technique, and are aware of the potential difficulties with many dogs that are inherent in dog clicker training.

What is Clicker Training?

Video on what is clicker training, I answer many common questions regarding positive reinforcement training such as bribery. Charging the Clicker Tutorial


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