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Clicker Training Basics – Dog Training

When getting started with clicker training, please consult with a professional clicker trainer to ensure you are using the clicker training method correctly. Many use this method wrong and blame the method when the dog does not learn when in reality, it is the “trainer” “handler” “person” that is not using the clicker properly. Pam’s Dog Academy offers many online clicker training classes and has multiple DVDs on the clicker training method. If you don’t see something that you would like to take and need help with your dog, Pamela Johnson offers one on one online training.
I did this video because I have never shown people how to use clicker training. This has the basic rules to clicker training and how to use toys and food as a reinforcer.

The click is a secondary reinforcer and the food or the toy is the primary reinforcer. The dog wants to hear the click because he has learned that good things happen after the click.

Getting Started with Clicker Training-Basic Technique Tutorial for Beginners

Here is an Introduction to 10 Easy Things to Do To Be an Effective Clicker Trainer with Donna Hill B.Sc. (zoology) B.Ed. For beginner trainers and their dogs, I use teaching ‘eye contact’ or “Watch me” as the training example. This is a fabulous force free way to train dogs and other pets!


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